Spearfishing Charters

Operating out of the Sarasota / Bradenton area, Captain Steve is an expert spearfisherman, leading his team to podium finishes at the worlds largest spearfishing tournaments 5 years running. With Deep Trouble, you know you’ll be getting an expert guide who knows exactly where to find the biggest fish, for the most exciting dives. There is no better spearfishing charter around.

What’s unique about Deep Trouble is the extensive list of offerings available to you. Need to be dive re-certified? Captain Steve can re-certify you! He also offers instruction, courses, and equipment rentals. This means that you really don’t have to be an experienced spearfisherman whatsoever to come out and shoot with us!

No matter the season, our day trip and multi-day trips to places like the Middlegrounds are always populated with a wide variety of species to hunt, including: grouper, hogfish, snapper, and amberjack, just to name a few. Our deep dives can be 150 plus feet deep for the ultimate big fish bounty!

When you spearfish with Captain Steve, you’ll be taken to the low ledges and difficult to find spots that only increase your chances of not only having a leisurely and relaxing dive, but also ups your chances of bringing home an epic dinner!

How does it work? Well, we offer multiple drops, which is great because it gives you the best opportunity to descend on those spots unseen by divers as frequently or hardly at all.

Make sure to go online and purchase a fishing license at https://gooutdoorsflorida.com

Pricing is as follows: 


  • 2 Tank Dive – $150

Full Boat

  • Whole Day – Up to 150ft full boat– $800
    • Examples: Mexican Pride or The Green Banana
  • Middle Grounds or Elbow Whole Day – up to 4 (deckhand/mate provided) – $1600


  • Equipment Rentals– contact the Captain
  • Bonafide Speargun – $35 with a $1000 deposit

What this Includes: 

  • Ice
  • Water and Soda
  • A Camera to take that Perfect Souvenir Picture
  • Filleting Services back at the Dock

What you should Consider Bringing With:

  • Sunscreen
  • A Hat or Head Covering
  • Food or Snacks for the Trip
  • Clothing Appropriate for Unpredictable Weather
  • Florida Fishing License purchased at https://gooutdoorsflorida.com
  • A Cooler for your Take Home Catch (to be left in your car)
  • Specific Drinks (if you have a favorite)

What should be Left at Home: 

  • Unnecessary Valuables or anything with an internal GPS
  • Bananas – just don’t bring ’em, they’re totally bad luck

*All cell phones must be stowed once we leave the dock

We believe that the best way to learn, is by example, which is why we happily offer the courses needed to teach proper spearing, etiquette, and safety procedures.

For those of you that are more experienced shooters, you can rely on Deep Trouble to provide the cooler space needed for those large hauls of fish!